New Direction for Mental Health Services in Yolo County Begins

New Direction for Mental Health Services in Yolo County Begins as Yolo Family Service Agency Closes Doors & Other Providers Expand WOODLAND – After nearly 60 years of providing high quality counseling and therapeutic services to children and families throughout Yolo County, Yolo Family Service Agency (YFSA), headquartered in Woodland, announced that that it will no longer see clients as of April 30.

After determining that structural model of the agency is no longer financially sustainable, the YFSA Board of Directors consulted with the Yolo County Health and Human Services Agency and Yolo County Administrator’s Office to develop a continuity plan for the ongoing care of the clients it currently serves.

In order to ensure that clients continue to receive these critical treatment services, CommuniCare Health Centers and other local providers have agreed to provide services for many of these clients beginning in May. As of May 1, Yolo County has immediately stepped in to provide referral services for YFSA
clients as well as transition employment services for its clinical staff.

CommuniCare Health Centers is a local non-profit organization and Federally Qualified Health Center, which offers a range of physical and behavioral health care services throughout Yolo County. In addition to offering to serve the children previously served by YSFA, CommuniCare is interviewing several YFSA staff for employment in order to avoid transitioning clients to new therapy teams.

“The history and unique culture of YFSA makes this a sad day,” said Mark Capitolo, Interim Director and Vice Chair of the YFSA Board. “But we would not have taken this step if we didn’t believe it would result in a positive new direction for the mission of providing superior mental health services for Yolo County children and families. The tireless work of professionals with the County of Yolo and CommuniCare in recent weeks demonstrates that is exactly what is beginning to take shape.

“Our primary concern has been the seamless continuity of care for our clients, and the ability for staff to continue to treat them. We thank all of the YFSA family – past and present – for their dedication to the agency and to the behavioral health needs of our communities. Scores of Yolo county students, parents, rural residents and working families are leading successful lives because of the work of the people at YFSA. We have no doubt this new direction will continue to achieve those results.”

Karen Larsen, LMFT, Director of the Yolo County Health and Human Service Agency, told YFSA staff: “The services the Yolo Family Service Agency has provided are critical to the healing of some of our most traumatized children and their families. Yolo County is committed to assisting with this transition in every way possible, and will work hard to ensure that our shared clients continue to receive high quality treatment services.”

The Chief Executive Officer of CommuniCare Health Centers, Robin Affrime, MPH, acknowledged the continuing need for the services YFSA has provided. “We are looking forward to broadening our capacity to serve Yolo County’s children and families, and we thank YFSA for the empathy, understanding, and professionalism staff has consistently demonstrated throughout the Agency’s history.”