Chronic Disease Management

Learn to live in good health with diabetes, hypertension, asthma and other chronic conditions.

CommuniCare’s health care providers work with you as a team to help manage long-term or chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and asthma.  Our shared goal is that you maintain the best health possible and avoid unnecessary hospitalizations.


Healthy Living with Diabetes program: Education, nutrition guidance, 1:1 counseling and home visits
• Cardiovascular and hypertension care (alt: Heart health care), counseling and support
• Wellness education and resources to ensure healthy weight, blood sugar and lifestyle
• Gestational diabetes support for pregnant mothers 
• Support group learning visits with other patients, who also manage chronic conditions
• Referrals to specialists
• Emotional and social support
• Assistance with financial needs related to care

FAQ’s for Chronic Disease Management

Consistently eating healthy foods is the most effective way to manage diabetes. Increasing green vegetables and limiting carbohydrate portions (especially first thing in the morning) are a must, as well as focusing on lean proteins and keeping fruit portions to a reasonable amount.  Start your day with a high protein breakfast, and save carbohydrate portions for lunch or later in the day.  Our Registered Dietician can work with you and your preferences on a customized eating plan.  For diabetes patients, a healthy diet is even more important than medication; good nutrition actually improves the effectiveness of your medication.  Following your recommended plan focused on six small meals throughout the day will help keep your metabolism in balance.  Always take your medication as prescribed and keep your diabetes care team up-to-date on your progress.  

CommuniCare’s Healthy Living with Diabetes program features your provider, our Diabetes Educator, and a Registered Dietician. This team works closely together to help with medication dosing, lifestyle changes, education materials, and glucometers regardless of ability to pay. You can meet individually with a care provider to review questions about your individual condition, and receive a bag of healthy food to take home afterward.  Our Diabetes Group Medical Appointments are an opportunity to meet and share support with others who are living with diabetes and learning healthy eating habits.  We also offer a 6-week diabetes self-management class at Salud Clinic

Our Client Benefits Advocates can help you apply for health insurance or programs such as Medi-Cal, Path to Health, Connect to Care, County Medical Services Program (CMSP), and CalFresh. Call one of our health centers and ask to make an appointment with a Client Benefits Advocate.”

CommuniCare accepts most health insurance plans and coverage including (but not limited to) Medi-Cal, Partnership Health Plan, Medicare, County Medical Services Program (CMSP), Nivano, and River City Physician’s Group. Our trained insurance specialists can help you with the Medi-Cal application process.   If you are already enrolled in a Medi-Cal plan, we’ll assist you with the necessary forms or steps to enroll in our care programs.

You are not required to have health insurance to receive services at CommuniCare.  Sliding Fee Discounts are available to all patients who meet family size and income requirements.

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Locations Offering Chronic Disease Management Services​

(530) 758-2060 – Primary Care
(530) 204-5317 – Perinatal and Women’s Health

(530) 405-2800 – Primary Care
(530) 405-2808 – Perinatal and Women’s Health

(916) 403-2900 – Primary Care
(916) 403-2909 – Perinatal and Women’s Health

Meet Our Providers

Jason Auriemma, MD

Physician & Associate Medical Director

Brent Hanson, MD

Physician & Associate Medical Director

Erika Roshanravan, MD

Physician & Associate Medical Director

Upal Sarker, MD

Physician & Assistant Associate Medical Director