Family and Parenting Services

CommuniCare Health Centers offers a variety of Family and Parenting services to meet the individual needs and goals of our clients. CommuniCare’s Family and Parenting services include the following services: group parenting, individual parenting, co-parenting, in-home parenting and hands-on interactive parenting using video-recorded reflection. The following programs offer Family and Parenting services:

Families receiving CalWORKS benefits have access to no-cost individual, family, and couples counseling along with parenting support and substance abuse treatment. Counseling and case management services are embedded in the Department of Education and Social Services Office in both West Sacramento and Woodland.

Couples and Family counseling provides tools and support with co-parenting, relationship stress and any issue impacting the family using Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Solution- Focused interventions.

Co-Parenting is for parents who have decided to live apart. The goal of Co-Parenting is to improve parental communications and interactions and increase cooperative parenting. Co-parenting sessions may be scheduled for both parents in the same session, or individual sessions initially for those who are in more conflicted relationships.

FLSP/In-Home Parenting is a hands-on home parenting program for Child Welfare referred families.

FFT is a family therapy program provided in both English and Spanish in our clinic locations or in the home. FFT aims to reduce negativity and blame within the family and increase hope for change. Realistic and obtainable family goals and a behavior change plan are developed collaboratively and external supports for ongoing change are identified.

NPNF is designed to enhance parent-child attachments by increasing parental knowledge, authenticity, empathy, and the capacity for sensitive responsiveness in a safe and supportive environment. NPNF is an evidence-based program which meets the requirements of Welfare & Institutions Code, Section 16507.7.

PCIT is conducted through “coaching” sessions during which you and your child are in a playroom while the therapist is in an observation room watching you interact with your child through a one-way mirror and/or live video feed. You wear a “bug-in-the-ear” device through which the therapist provides in-the-moment coaching on skills you are learning to manage your child’s behavior

RFP is an innovative family counseling program based on current research in the fields of child development, attachment, mentalization, and neuroscience.