Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of CommuniCare Health Centers is comprised of a majority of members who are consumers of CommuniCare’s program and services, as well as members-at-large who are health care professionals, business people, and community supporters of our organization and represent the communities we serve. All of our Board members live or work in CommuniCare’s service area. The goal is to have a diverse board of directors who help ensure a broad range of perspectives and healthy dialogue, and who collectively share the values, competencies, and commitment required to efficiently govern the organization.

CommuniCare Board of Directors

Michael Golde
Davis, CA

Rose Conroy
Vice President
Woodland, CA

Rick Baker, M.D.
Davis, CA

Zeenat Tariq
West Sacramento

Iliana Chevez
Woodland, CA

Teresa Gonzalez
Woodland, CA

Ridge Tolbert
Davis, CA

Randall Cooksey
Woodland, CA

Board Participation

Our Board members participate actively in the organization by attending monthly meetings on the first Wednesday of each month, attending an annual Board Retreat each Spring (as able), and maintaining membership on one or more subcommittees.

Board Recruitment

If you are interested in receiving information about applying to join CommuniCare Health Centers Board of Directors, please call the Administration Office at (530) 753-3498 weekdays 8am to 5pm. To apply, please review the linked cover letter, application and described duties of the Board of Directors.