Davis Community Clinic & Lyndell Terrace


As a temporary measure, Davis Community Clinic will be closed for approximately six months beginning Friday, May 1, 2020. We will immediately open a temporary clinic directly across the street at 2035 Lyndell Terrace #120 (near Starbucks and Burger King). This new location will open on Monday, May 4, 2020. Each patient will still have the option of having visits in-person, by phone or on telehealth platforms through the duration of this transition and public health emergency.

Read Patient Notice Here (EN) | Aviso Al Paciente (SP) | 给患者的信 (Chinese)


Effective May 4, 2020 Davis Community Clinic will temporarily relocate to:

2035 Lyndell Terrace
#120 (First Floor, Left Side)
Davis, CA 95616
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Clinic Hours (During the COVID-19 Declared Emergency)

Monday – Friday  8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Evening hours Monday, Wednesday & Thursday until 9:00 PM

Call to make an appointment:

Primary Care: (530) 758-2060

Perinatal/Women’s Health: (530) 204-5317

Dental Care: (530) 405-2811 (May 2020 – December 2020, patients will be seen at Hansen Family Health Center in Woodland or Salud Clinic in West Sacramento)

Teen Clinic: (530) 204-5269
Appointments recommended. Walk-ins welcome.

After regular clinic hours call
1 (877) 250-1670 to speak with an on-call Nurse, or
1 (877) 250-1671 for on-call Perinatal Care

Clinic Fax: (530) 758-8490

Perinatal patients will continue to receive prenatal and postpartum care at Lyndell Terrace. Please contact Davis Perinatal Clinic Coordinator for more information about visits, classes and free parenting supplies – including home medical equipment, car seats, diapers and a breast pump: (530) 285-3146.

The Davis Dental Clinic will be closed during the renovation. All emergency-only (until further notice) patients can be accommodated at our other dental clinic locations in West Sacramento and Woodland. For scheduling dental appointments or any other related questions, please contact CommuniCare’s Hansen Family Health Center Dental Clinic in Woodland at: (530) 405-2811.

Integrated Behavioral Health Services will continue to be offered to primary care patients which include mental health counseling or Psychiatry Services. Services will be offered to patients via telehealth at this time.

Medication Assisted Treatment Addiction Services will continue to be offered via tele-health or in-person as necessary. If a patient requires ongoing in-person substance use and/or mental health services, we can accommodate them at another primary care location in Woodland or West Sacramento or at CommuniCare’ s full-time Mental Health Navigation Center located at 600 A Street Davis. Please contact us at: (530) 204-9467.

Appointments recommended. Walk-ins welcome.

PAYMENT AND COVERAGE: You are not required to have health insurance to receive services at CommuniCare.  Sliding Fee Discounts are available to all patients who meet family size and income requirements.

CommuniCare accepts some health insurance plans and coverage including (but not limited to) Medi-Cal, Partnership Health Plan, Medicare, County Medical Services Program (CMSP), Blue Shield, and Anthem Blue Cross.

We provide assistance to help patients enroll in health coverage programs. For more information and assistance, please call: (530) 204-5251.

Effective May 1, 2020 Davis Community Clinic will be closed for renovations.

We are temporarily relocating services to 2035 Lyndell Terrace (across the street). See above for more details.

2051 John Jones Road
Davis, CA 95616

CommuniCare Health Centers has supported our Davis patients and our surrounding communities as a trusted healthcare provider for nearly fifty years. We remain committed to serving our patients now and into the future. CommuniCare has been planning a major renovation of the Davis Community Clinic in order to better serve our patients and to expand access. Our original plan was to complete the project in several phases, which would allow us to continue seeing patients at the current location throughout the renovation. However, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on our care delivery model, we decided to execute the project more quickly, all at once, so we are able to enhance our capacity, and respond to the growing need for services much sooner.

During our renovation and relocation to Lyndell Terrace, each patient will still have the option of having visits in-person, by phone or on telehealth platforms through the duration of this transition and public health emergency.

Rest assured, we remain committed to serving the community of Davis. It is our hope that this temporary renovation and relocation cause minimal disruption. When we return to the new building at the end of the year, we will have more space and services to support our patients, and we look forward to celebrating with you then.