VIDA Family Health Center expands services in West Sacramento

CommuniCare Health Centers New West Sacramento Site – Vida Family Health Center

Post Date: August 25, 2022


Hollie Malamud, Director of Development
Phone: (530) 285-3203

CommuniCare Health Centers Expands Health Access in West Sacramento

(West Sacramento, CA) –CommuniCare Health Center announces the opening of the Vida Family Health Center at 954 Sacramento Avenue.

To address the need for more space and to see more patients, CommuniCare Health Centers has
expanded its capacity in West Sacramento. The Vida Family Health Center opens on August 29th and is 0.4 miles from the Salud Clinic, less than a two-minute drive, a ten-minute walk or bus ride, or a three minute bike ride. The hours of operation are Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. and these hours mirror the daytime Monday – Friday hours of operation of the Salud Clinic.

“Our expansion in West Sacramento represents our commitment to the health and well-being of the
community of West Sacramento,” Dr. Melissa Marshall, CommuniCare’s Chief Executive Officer. “We are excited to provide more access to the same high-quality health care services that the community has come to expect at Salud.”

The Vida Family Health Center will provide additional access to the services in highest demand, including 
primary care, prenatal care, and integrated behavioral health services. Patients seen at the Vida Family Health Center will receive a referral to the Salud Clinic and have access to the full scope of services provided at the Salud Clinic, including behavioral health, sexual and reproductive health services, substance use disorder services, and oral health services. The proximity of the Vida Family Center provides convenient and easy access for patients referred to the Salud Clinic.

The new Vida Family Health Center creates needed clinic space, offers an extension of CommuniCare services, and complements existing services at the Salud Clinic. The Vida Family Health Center site will relieve the current long wait times at the Salud Clinic, specifically for primary care and prenatal care appointments, and for integrated behavioral health services. The additional clinic space will allow for staff to provide care and services to more patients than the Salud Clinic can currently accommodate. “CommuniCare has a long history of providing healthcare to the residents of West Sacramento, Lynn Bramwell, Chief Operating Officer. “We are excited to continue that tradition with the opening of our new health center, Vida Family Health Center.”

In addition, Vida Family Health Center will support the expansion of our existing, long-standing, and mutually beneficial partnership with UC Davis Family Medicine Residency, allowing us to expand the continuity of care for patients provided by family medicine residents supervised by UC Davis faculty and CommuniCare physicians, which contributes to the pipeline for well-trained primary care physicians for our community.

To contact and schedule an appointment at the Vida Health Center, please call 916-914-2650.


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