Get Moving Indoors With the Whole Family

Your health and well-being shouldn’t be put on hold for the holidays, but we know it can be hard to find the motivation or time in between all those delicious meals. Thankfully, there are lots of tricks you can use to get your family moving! Throw on some comfortable, flexible clothing and gather the kids – here are five fun ways you can keep active indoors!

YouTube Yoga

There are lots of guided yoga sessions on YouTube! You can find classes geared towards children, yoga for relaxation, and even yoga for better digestion! The benefits of practicing yoga are proven and nearly limitless. Yoga can increase flexibility, muscle tone, and strength while also helping to improve your balance, metabolism, promote positive cardio and circulatory health. It can even help protect you from muscle strain and injury!

Jump Rope

Jumping rope is a great way to get your heart pumping and have fun! While seemingly easy, jumping rope is a great way to burn off calories. Try various ways of jumping to increase or decrease the intensity. Jumping from side to side, on one foot, alternating one foot, or crossing your feet in between reps are challenging ways to spice up this movement. The perfect workout for your heart, jumping rope also strengthens the upper and lower body while burning calories in a short time!

Family Dance Party

Just like jumping rope, dancing is great exercise to get your heart pumping and legs moving. You can find instructor-led exercise videos like Zumba on YouTube or simply put on an upbeat tune and get into that twist-and-shout! Dancing is a whole body exercise that promotes good heart and lung health as well as balance and coordination – and kids of all ages love to join in! Exercise never felt so easy!

TV Commercial Fitness Breaks

If you’re still hunting for an easy way to sneak in some exercise, try doing simple movements during TV commercial breaks! While watching your favorite show as a family, challenge each other to see who can do the most push-ups or sit-ups before the commercial ends.. You could even do interval training by changing the exercise you do as each commercial changes. Have fun with it!

Turn Normal Chores Into Quick Exercises

Putting the groceries away? Why not try to “bench press” your milk jug? There are tons of ways you can turn your normal chores into quick exercises by adding small repetitions of a movement, speeding up a movement, or doing isolations. With a little creativity, you can enjoy the burn all throughout the day – and it’s entertaining for the kids!

In addition to exercising, make sure you are doing everything possible to maintain your health! Drinking water, eating balanced meals, and getting enough sleep will all help you feel fit and ready for the holiday fun!.

And, remember your flu shot to help stay healthy and moving throughout the indoor season! Call a clinic near you to schedule an appointment for you and the whole family

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