Former Dignity Health Patient FAQ

My Dignity doctor or specialist won't see me. What should I do?

Please call the Partnership Health Plan Care Coordination Office for assistance with “continuity of care” follow ups. They can help you find a provider and may also be able to offer you transportation to and from the appointment: 800-809-1350.

How do I get my medication refilled?

Medication refills require you be seen by a provider. Please call 530-358-2707 and indicate that you need an appointment to get a medication refilled.

I need to be seen soon for an illness or injury. How do I get an appointment?

If are experiencing serious or potentially life-threatening illness or injury (e.g., trouble breathing, loss of mobility, high fever), please call 911 or seek immediate attention in the ER. For minor injuries or illnesses, we have appointments available at our health centers. Please call 530-358-2707 and indicate that you need an appointment for an acute issue.

How do I establish care so I that I can get appointments for regular checkups and screenings for me or my family?

We are adding appointments to help new patients get established, but there might be a wait to be seen and/or we may have to add you to a waitlist.


While we are committed to helping all of our new patients establish care with a primary care provider (PCP), we are prioritizing more immediate and urgent medical needs (e.g., appointments for injury/illness, care for patients with chronic conditions, appointments for medication refills, appointments for pregnant patients, pediatric appointments, etc.).

To schedule an appointment, please call 530-358-2707.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to accommodate everyone.

If I can’t get an appointment at my assigned health center, can I go to a different CommuniCare+OLE location?

Yes, you can be seen at any of the CommuniCare+OLE health centers that have available appointments. If you require assistance getting to one of our locations, transportation services may be available from the Partnership Health Plan Care Coordination Office: 800-809-1350.

How do I access other CommuniCare+OLE services?

We offer a number of services in addition to medical care. And, we have appointments immediately available with our behavioral health and dental teams. If you would like to make an appointment for dental care or counseling services, please call 530-358-2707. You do not need to have established care with a primary care provider to access these – and other – services.

I heard that Partnership and Dignity Health are back under contract. What does that mean for me?

You have been assigned by Partnership HealthPlan to CommuniCare+OLE, and the agreement between Partnership and Dignity does not change that. You do not need to take any action to keep CommuniCare+OLE as your medical home. If you would like to make an appointment to establish care with our medical teams, or make an appointment to be seen by our behavioral health or dental providers, please call 530-358-2707.

What if I want to go back to my Dignity doctor?

If you want to go back to your previous primary care provider at Dignity, you will need to call Partnership Health Plan and ask to be reassigned to Dignity.